Since 2007, Volo is a small web development firm that focuses primarily on advanced PHP and WordPress custom web development. From near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA), Volo has helped web startups and web marketers achieve product launches and increase sales. Composed mainly of senior web freelance developer Mike McKee and occasionally using additional subcontractors, Volo has brought tremendous profitability to a small but growing set of companies worldwide. Mike and his small team constantly stay sharp on trends and techniques in order to create vibrant, innovative, modern designs and clean, readable source code.

Volo emphasizes careful quality with the fastest turnaround, and is known for solving tough problems that other Linux, PHP, and WordPress expert freelancers often cannot resolve.


I've worked with Mike McKee for years and he is by far the most reliable, dependable person I've had the privilege of working with. For any server tasks, such as order processing, or licensing systems, that need to be setup exactly right, I trust only Mike because of the quality of his work and his careful attention to detail. His knowledge of servers and web related tasks is astonishing -- never worked with someone who had such a high level of expertise in this area. I highly recommend Mike. He's the real deal!

Amit Mehta
President, Boost Software, Inc

I've had the unique privilege of working with Mike McKee for many years, and his knowledge of server related issues has been nothing short of mind blowing. No one has even come close to his expertise as far as I'm concerned. Not only that, Mike has an uncanny attention to detail. Mike goes above and beyond what is expected of him and is always there when I need him, even if it's just a small css/html tweak (yes he knows those well too!). I recommend Mike with the highest of honors, not only in an economic capacity, but also as a human being.

Peter Dunbar
CTO, Boost Software, Inc

Mike is easy to work with, easy to contact, and gave us the attention we needed for our WordPress project. We were very pleased with the end result -- we highly recommend.

Cheryl Poston-Crites
Office Manager

Mike McKee is the coder I call when we are really stuck. I know he used to work for Microsoft, which alone says "professional" in my opinion. Mike has been able to find solutions to some of our biggest coding problems (and fixes 'em) -- which is why Mike is the "Go To Guy" we call for all serious coding jobs. If you can get Mike to work on your project, hire him right away, he's worth it!

Donovan Kovar

I needed help with some custom functionality using Wordpress and I reached out to Mike. He was able to help me with my issue and also provided some great expert knowledge. I would not hesitate to work with him again.

Jeff Freeman

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